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La Jolla California Spring Styled Wedding Shoot

You are having a Spring wedding and you wanted to do something festive but did not have any ideas that you were unique. We have a shoot that was done at the Darlington House in La Jolla, Ca. which gives a classic feel with a modern twist. la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-22 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-24  la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-3

Fist let's look at the bride. She wears a traditional gown with lace on the bodice. It just beautiful. If you really want to be modern, you can consider the short lace dress which is so cute. She is wearing pearls which is definitely classic with her loose bun.

la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-25 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-6 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-15 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-12 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-20 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-23 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-17 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-26 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-27 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-2  la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-14

The table setting is so beautiful and colorful. The colors blend in so well with the gold trim on the plates.

la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-18 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-19 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-13 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-4 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-28 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-7 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-5 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-16 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-8 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-9 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-10 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-11 la-jolla-darlington-house-california-spring-weddings-shoot-21 la jolla california

This is a simple shoot that we hope will provide ideas of how you add color and make your day more festive. This may be a Spring theme but you can use the idea for other times of the year to reflect any idea that you want to stress. Don't shy away from color. It can definitely take your wedding to the next level.

Design & PR: Mackenzie branding & marketing Photography: Siegel Thurston photography Make Up: Melissa Rae & Co Floral Design: Grand floral Jewelry: Alber Rezko Props & Tableware: Vintage vault Rentals: Farm Tables and More Fashion Stylist: CBS Lifestylist Linens: La Tavola Hair: Kalyn Sieminski hair Designer: Laura Lorraine designs- Paper Products: Poppy Print- Venue: Darlington House- Models: Sarah & Adam

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