Jordan Ontario Canada Styled Wedding Shoot

Jordan Ontario Canada Styled Wedding Shoot. Are you dainty? Are you really feminine? Are you a girlie/girl? We have a great idea for your wedding theme. We have a shoot from London Ontario, Canada that features ruffles and flowers. We hope that it will provide inspiration for your nuptials.

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First, let's look at the wedding gown. It is absolutely stupendous. It is a-line. It is strapless and also has jewels in the waistband. But the skirt is absolutely incredible. Her hairstyle is perfect with the flowers as accents. Her jewelry choice is also right on point with hanging earrings.

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They used porcelain china throughout the shoot as props and it is very elegant yet dainty. It is a nice departure from the crystal that usually is used in weddings and definitely more feminine. They also used lace table cloths which was a nice touch. We also love all of the bird cages that are used through out the shoot with the different things that they place inside. It is a simple yet effective decor choice.

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But the cakes are splendid. The floral accents simply are amazing. The floral theme is also shown on the cupcakes.

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This shoot helps you see that you can identify with who you are as a woman and have a great wedding. If you are a girlie/girl then let your wedding reflect this. We hope this shoot will inspire you for your nuptials. After all, it is your day and you should not feel that you need to be inhibited. It is your day so celebrate who you are and have a fantastic time.

Photographer: Allure Photography Hair Stylist: Beauty and the Barber Invitation Designer: Charmed Occasions Cake Designer: Enticing Icings Cakery Event Designer: Mashed Events Makeup Artist: Melissa Telisman Dress Store: Paula's Elegant Bride Floral Designer: The Watering Can Heirlooms and extras: Vintage China Hire

Jordan Ontario Canada