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Jewish Raphael Vineyard Peconic New York Real Wedding

A friendship is the foundation of any good relationship. It should be someone that makes you feel so comfortable that you can  relax and simply be yourself. Well, Don lived in California and Laura lived in New York and they dated on and off for years but they remained close friends. However, after 17 years they decided to finally tie the knot. They really feel as though they have grown up together. When they got married, they wanted a venue that was outdoors and would convey this comfortable feeling that they have for each other. They chose Raphael Vineyards, which is a winery located just 90 miles east of Manhattan. The grounds provided a wonderful backdrop for their nuptials. Raphael Vineyards was established in 1996 by John Petrocelli, who named the company after his father. They try to combine New World advances with Old World traditions to produce a quality product. The winery is located in North Fork, New York which is one of the state's sunniest spots. The climate combines with the surrounding waters of Long Island Sound and Peconic Bay to produce the perfect atmosphere for the wine. During the wedding ceremony, you knew that you were at a winery. Don and Laura creatively used the grounds as a backdrop to enhance their special day. They also used items from the winery as props to make their day unique and special. jewish peconic ny real wedding jewish new york real wedding jewish ny wedding jewish ny weddingwedding invitation on grape vine jewish ny wedding jewish ny wedding jewish ny wedding jewish ny wedding jewish ny wedding jewish ny wedding

First let's look at the ceremony, They exchanged their vows under an arch with violet flowers that resembled grapes on a vine. It was carefully placed in front of the rows of grapes that were growing in the fields. It was a stunning picture. They even took a group shot in the front of this setting.

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As a part of their ceremony, they each drank a glass of wine. The glasses were placed on top of a wine barrel. As you can see, they not only used the natural beauty of the vineyards but also incorporated the product itself in their nuptials.


They also used the winery to influence the color theme. Violet was everywhere. It was in the bridal bouquets, the flower girl wore a headpiece of violet flowers, the bridesmaids wore violet gowns and the ring bearers wore violet bow ties. Somehow we think the winery had an influence on this color choice.

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Laura looked stunning in her lace dress. It was sleeveless and differed from the strapless design that many brides wear. It had a classy, elegant yet comfortable feel. She combined her gown with a veil made simply of tulle. Her ensemble truly embraced the winery's attempt to combine New World advances with Old World traditions.

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After the ceremony, they had a wonderful indoor reception and they continued the color theme. The table setting was magnificent. They had a lace tablecloth with violet flowers and white tea candles.

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Their cake was also fantastic. It was a simple white three tier cakes that was beautifully adorned with purple flowers. The table had accents of purple flowers as well. It was a wonderful contrast.

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As you can see, choosing a venue is important. It should allow you to plan a wedding that represents you. Don't fret about the decor and other details. Don and Laura had an amazing wedding and many of their accents were found naturally at the location. Keep this in mind when selecting where your nuptials will take place and it will make it easier to plan all of the details for your special day. It will definitely allow you to have a wedding that you will cherish for the rest of your lives.

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