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Jaw-dropping wedding veils

Jaw-dropping wedding veils

There are wedding veils and then there are jaw-dropping wedding veils. They can either be extra long, crafted from unique fabric or made in an entirely different color. But what makes them jaw-dropping most of all is how a bride wears them – full of confidence, boldness and sophistication – and how they are the ultimate finishing touch.

This drop veil looks simple at first but one glance at the hem says otherwise. Thanks to its added length, the veil pools at the bride’s feet, showing off its lovely lace appliqués.


Another drop veil includes ornate lace detail. This design choice complements the bride’s lace gown, while allowing her lovely face and accessories to shine.


Sometimes a bride wants volume! For added drama on your wedding day, find a tulle veil that perfectly frames your face and your gown – perfect for those “getting out of the car” photos.


This dainty blusher matches the bride’s gown to perfection. The small flowers and thinly beaded hem make it a sweet accessory to her bridal style.


Most bridal veils feature intricate, delicate lace but this style is endearing in its uniqueness. The hand-crafted material adds a special touch to this bride’s simple wedding day look.


This bride’s veil highlights her bridal makeup and accessories. Tucked in with a comb, the veil is simply timeless as it drapes past her shoulders.


Not all gowns are white, and neither are all veils! This contemporary bride shows off her black gown with a stunning black veil.


The easiest way to get a jaw-dropping veil is to add length. This cathedral-length veil, with its beaded hem, looks enchanting as it blows through the breeze, providing this bride the perfect princess moment.


When it comes to jaw-dropping wedding veils, think outside the bridal box. Search for unique sizes, colors, fabrics and details. By finding something rarely seen before or with a bold touch, your wedding day look will be anything but ordinary.

Credits from Top to Bottom: Sophie Kaye Photography | Christine Clark | Elizabeth Messina | Ether & Smith | Emily Wren Photography | Jessica Rieke Photography | Lance Nicoll Wedding Photography | Kevin Chin

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