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Ideal Groomsmen Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

Ideal Groomsmen Gifts to Show Your Appreciation

A wedding requires a lot of time and effort. It’s a good thing you have your best man and groomsmen by your side to help you with the stress and tension especially on the big day itself.

Show your guys that you appreciate them with a gift. Like preparing for the wedding, finding a gift is also a challenging task. But it shouldn’t be, especially that you’re already preoccupied with a bunch of other things.

If you’re stumped as to what you should be getting your bros, you’re just in luck, because listed below are 13 great gift suggestions from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

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Shave Set

A quality shave is a good way to start the day; however, this is rarely achieved by most men. It takes some time to perfect the act of shaving, but sometimes, it all boils down to the right kind of tools.

A handy shave set is, therefore, an ideal gift that your guys will certainly love. Give them the right arsenal, and they’ll have the power to face the day with a confident grin.


Docking Station

Help your guy achieve full productivity at work and at home with a docking station for his phone or tablet, keys, and wristwatch. He’ll start the day right by having all his essentials organized and ready to go by his side. After all, it’s the little things that you change that make the biggest impact in life. Your groomsmen will thank you once they realize how convenient it is to have a docking station for all their daily needs.



A gentleman is not a gentleman unless he has a handkerchief in his pocket. Whether he is wearing a monkey suit or in a casual jeans and shirt combo, no outfit is complete without a clean handkerchief.

For your groomsmen, this is your chance to add a pop of color to their otherwise-basic tux. It’s subtle and subdued but is a great way to show personality.



An ideal gift strikes a fine balance between stylish and functional. Both can be found in a wristwatch. No longer just a timepiece, a high-quality wristwatch an understated accessory that every grown man should have, either for business or pleasure.

Your guys will be delighted to have a quality item wrapped around their wrist. Cool Time, in particular, is unique because it is made of 100 percent real wood and genuine leather straps.



Harvey Specter, the kickass corporate lawyer from the TV series Suits, has one in his office. For every successful case, he opens his decanter and pours himself a glass of scotch.

This stylish decanter will be a welcome addition to your groomsmen’s home or office bar. It’s classic in design and was made to evoke the lavish lifestyle of the early 1900s.


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Bottle Opener

Every great party always starts with the opening of the first bottle of beer. What better way to start the ball rolling than to hand your groomsmen with their own handy bottle openers and a bottle of your favorite ice-cold beer.

Sometimes, the simpler the gift, the better it is. With all the available options in the market right now, you can never go wrong with something that’s basic but useful.


Whiskey Barrel

Nothing can be manlier than an oakwood whiskey barrel. Made for craft liquor hobbyists and whiskey enthusiasts, this kind of gift will definitely wow your guys. It looks aged and authentic with its steel band, spigot, and bung for easy serving and filling. Having your own barrel makes for a good conversation starter during parties and the added advantage of having to talk about your interests in liquor.



A rawhide baseball is the ideal gift for the groomsman who’s an avid fan of America’s favorite pastime. You’ll most likely see him glued to the television screen, watching several innings and decked out in the colors of the team he’s rooting for.

This personalized baseball isn’t meant to be played with but is a sentimental keepsake for tradition and good times with family and friends.


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Toiletry Bag

Men are always looking for quality when it comes to leather goods. This handy toiletry bag with deep brown and rich burgundy hues will definitely resonate with them. It’s sleek and classy but also functional and durable.

Toiletry bags are essential to grooming and traveling in style. Your groomsmen will no longer have to worry about where to put their facial foams, pomades, sprays, and perfumes.

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Luggage Tag

For the groomsman who is constantly on the go, get him this luggage tag. This is a great addition to any piece of baggage, which adds a pop of personality and makes it easier to identify in a sea of similar-looking bags.

A personalized tag would be a perfect gift for a destination wedding. You’re basically giving away the gift of wanderlust in a tangible manner to your groomsmen.



A man in classic wayfarer shades will never go out of style. Perfect for an outdoor beach or garden wedding, these fashionable sunglasses with a wooden frame and polarized polycarbonate lens will bring some fun and personality to your groomsmen and their outfits. Your photographer will have a field day in taking everyone’s photos. Just imagine how sleek you will all look like in your tux and sunglasses.


photo via patrick moyer photography


Man Apron

Who says only ladies can rock the apron? Times have changed. Men can also handle the dirty work in the kitchen.

Give your groomsmen an apron each, and tell them to pamper their ladies by taking charge of dinner. Whip them up something fresh and good that they’ll remember the taste of their first date. Indeed, nothing screams sexy more than a man who’s in a canvas and leather apron and who knows his way around the kitchen.



No man wants a bulky wallet protruding from his pocket. Slim is in, and you can’t find anything better than this fine front-pocket, double-sleeve leather wallet. It’s a mouthful, but it’s a fitting description for a sophisticated piece of leather.

A grown man always needs quality leather to discreetly stash his cash and cards. This baby will last your groomsmen a lifetime.

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