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Hunting Island SC Wedding Shoot

Author Jennifer Donnelly once penned the phrase “Meet me where the sky touches the sea,” and it’s not hard to see why this idea found its way into this Hunting Island, South Carolina, styled shoot. This coastal-inspired shoot took place at one of the most popular parks and beaches in the Palmetto State, where the warm sun punches through the trees and hits the waves like candlelight from the heavens. Cool tones of light blue, green, and brown serve as the color palette for this shoot. It’s brought into the invitation suite, which features eclectic script and a charming map of the location.

south carolina wedding

A vintage emerald ring is a unique alternative to the traditional diamond - a gorgeous and fitting accessory for the bridal style of the shoot.

south carolina wedding

A piece of cheesecloth recounts Donnelly’s words as it hangs from a toppled tree resting on its side. A collection of seashells and glass bottles are placed below for an original ceremony spot.

south carolina weddingsouth carolina wedding

The bouquet features a clean and simple collection of white flowers and greenery all tied with ivory and gray silk ribbons.

south carolina wedding

The bride wears a flattering and beach-appropriate gown.

south carolina wedding

It features a V-neck/halter style top with beading at the waist and a straight skirt with ample movement.

south carolina wedding

Her toes touch the edge of the water as the hem of her gown is splashed with foam.

south carolina wedding

Out in front of her is nothing but an endless sea and seagulls perched on old stumps and rocks, dodging the frothy waters below.

hunting islandsouth carolina weddingsouth carolina wedding

Shells, rocks, and vintage glass bottles are just the beginning. More beachy touches are added to enhance the style of the shoot.

south carolina wedding

A quaint table for two is dressed with a hearty linen. Old bottles, pumice stone, driftwood and candles are added to tie in the natural ambiance, while the candlelight and china still provide a traditional reception feel.

south carolina weddingsouth carolina weddingsouth carolina weddingsouth carolina wedding

The menu is ingeniously written on a piece of cheesecloth. Gold-rimmed glasses and gold candleholders convey simple elegance.

south carolina wedding south carolina wedding

The cake is displayed in a most clever way. An old beach chair, time-worn and distressed, is the perfect spot for this one-tier white cake. It’s decorated with oyster shells and sugared sprinkles.

south carolina weddingsouth carolina wedding

Leaning against a collapsed tree, the bride looks out towards the water, embracing the ebb and flow of the tide at her ankles.

south carolina weddingsouth carolina weddinghunting island

The sky turns from blue to pink to yellow before disappearing into the horizon.

south carolina weddingsouth carolina wedding

The bride shows off the open back feature of her gown. Grabbing her hem, she continues her journey of walking along the shoreline.

south carolina weddingsouth carolina weddingsouth carolina wedding

As the sun sets, she trades her bouquet for a glass lantern. We’re certain that she’s anticipating the arrival of that special person.

hunting islandsouth carolina wedding

Hunting Island, South Carolina, is a spectacular wedding location. The soothing waves and relaxed environment make this the perfect coastal spot for an intimate gathering where, for a special couple, life can truly begin.

Photography: Josh Deaton Design / Styling: Love & Honey Weddings Flowers: New Creations Flower Company Stationery: Darling Devotion Cake: Suarez Bakery Bridal Salon: J Major's Bridal Dress: Tulle by Antonio Gual

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