Hotel St Cecilia Austin Texas Real Wedding

Many times when couples are considering outdoor weddings, the beach or a park immediately come to mind. Obviously, there  is  nothing  more romantic than a walk in the park or along the beach. The trees, the flowers, the outdoor sounds,  or the water all add to the ambiance. Lane and Greg were able to capture that feeling when they tied the knot in Austin, Texas but they did not get married at either location. Their nuptials took place at the Hotel Saint Cecilia. It just shows that you just need to do your homework and have some imagination when selecting the venue for your wedding. modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-21 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-35 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-36 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-2 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-3 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-6 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-7 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-8 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-9  modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-4  modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-5   modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-12

The flowers were perfect. Her bouquet was composed of white and yellow flowers. The bright yellow in the arrangement just made it pop. It was just stunning.

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They used chalkboards as table accents to provide various messages for their guests and had other aspects to make you feel relaxed. There also was lemonade and they provided fans for the guests for this outdoor affair. The floral arrangements for the tables were done by Greg's sister which just added to the family atmosphere.

modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-25  modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-38 modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-39

They used various parts of the hotel for the different aspects of their wedding. First, they exchanged their vows on the front lawn in front of Suite One and had the reception in the courtyard behind Suite Four. The courtyard looked more like a park than the grounds of a hotel. It was wonderful. It was so romantic as they tied the knot under the shady oak tree. The outfits for the bride and groom definitely matched the setting. They did not have a large bridal party. It was very intimate with just the officiant and the happy couple. You really felt that they were sharing a special moment between the two of them with you. Her dress was simple yet beautiful. It was a white cotton gown with spaghetti straps. She had her hair in a loose bun beautifully adorned with white flowers. The groom simply wore a dress shirt, vest and tie. No tuxedo was necessary.

austin texas wedding

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But let's not forget the food. It was also unusual. Normally for a wedding so intimate and outdoors, you would expect  more of a barbeque menu. Well, the gluten-free cuisine, definitely looked like gourmet dining. You really did not feel that you were at an outdoor affair with that menu.

modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-40  modern-colorful-austin-texas-real-wedding-34

As you can see, you can have what you want for you wedding. It just takes some careful planning and creativity. Not everyone wants the large wedding. If you are considering a more intimate affair, take tips from Lane and Greg. It can simple but still elegant. You just have to plan each aspect and your wedding. day will be amazing.

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