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Honeymoon Sunglasses

Honeymoon Sunglasses

Honeymoon Sunglasses. Imagine you’re planning your honeymoon and have suitcases of cute outfits and swimsuits that scream “new bride.” But what about bridal sunglasses? While there are many options floating around, finding something that's not only stylish but provides exceptional protection is virtually impossible. That’s where Costa comes in.


Costa is the No.1 polarized sunglasses brand on the market today. Their superior lens technology, fit and durability for life on or near the water is second to none.


But protection aside, these white sunnies look amazing! You can pair them with a fun jumpsuit as you head to dinner or wear them as you're lounging on the beach! And if you want to get more bang for your buck, purchase some ahead of time to use for your bridal showers, bridal portraits and more.


When it comes to this particular style of white sunglasses, there’s more than meets the eye.


These are the OCEARCH Kare sunglasses. Costa recently teamed up with OCEARCH, a shark-tracking, conversation non-profit, by launching the limited edition OCEARCH Collection, featuring 15 brand new and classic sunglasses and frames. Every purchase helps fund OCEARCH and the important work they do putting science on the side of sharks.


So, if protecting those eyes on your honeymoon is a top priority, doing it in style should be a close second. Check out the fashionable and functional Costa sunglasses to be sure that you’re getting the most out of your favorite pair of white shades, before and after the big day.

Sunglasses: Costa 

Photos Keepsake Memories Photography 

Outfit: Free People

Model: Vanessa. Aguirre

Location: Wrighstville Beach, North Carolina

Honeymoon Sunglasses - COSTA

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