Handwritten Notes

Handwritten Notes

In today’s tech-obsessed society, handwritten notes have become a thing of beauty. The power of a handwritten note for any purpose is pretty special. And if you incorporate handwritten notes into your wedding or “thank yous,” your guests will be enamored by your thoughtfulness.


Photo: Keepsake Memories Photography

The most popular way to incorporate handwritten notes is probably by saying “thank you” to your guests. After they’ve attended your wedding and possibly brought a gift, it’s customary to send a “thank you” note. By handwriting your appreciation to guests, you’re showing their presence and presents are worth your time and attention.

Pick pretty stationary. Many invitation suites these days offer designs for “thank you” notes or blank cards, as well. Incorporate the same style as your wedding theme for the perfect finishing touch to your handwritten note.

Neatness counts. This is not something you can hire others to do. If you’re nervous about messing up, order extra cards and type out what you want to say before you start writing. Then, grab a nice, high-quality pen, take your time and make your handwriting as neat as possible.

Include a special memory you share with the recipient. Add in a personalized anecdote to truly make your note a keepsake.

Handwritten notes aren’t just for “thank yous” either. Depending on how much time you have before the big day, placing a handwritten note for each guest at their seat could be an unexpected and thoughtful surprise.

Long or short, a handwritten note beats a store-bought card any day of the week. You’re putting a small piece of your heart into that piece of paper and whoever receives it will certainly be touched by your attention to detail and appreciation.


Photo: Ashley Kelemen