Gorgeous Sugar Flower Cakes By Peggy Porschen

Believe or not, your wedding cake is an important element in your wedding decoration. I know that it is yummy and you can't wait to eat it. But until that time, it needs to stand out and blend into your decor. We want to offer some suggestions that can help you decide what type of cake you want. It is not just about the taste. For example, if your wedding is on or near a holiday your cake can carry out that theme. Look at the cake with the hearts. If Valentine's Day will also be your special day, then this is a great choice. You can also decorate the cake using the colors of your bridal party. The black and white cake is a wonderful example of this. Image a room that has a decor in the same colors. Can't you see how stunning that would be? Also, you can design the flowers of your cake to resemble your bouquet. We have provided a couple of cakes that display this nicely.  

But let's not forget the table. It has to accent your cake to help it to stand out. If you look at all these cake tables, they all have the pattern of the cake so it seems regal as it sits in the middle. You want people to marvel and be drawn to your cake. Your cake needs to make a statement. So as your do your wedding planning, don't just buy a cake. Think about it and make sure it reflects your day. Don't forget to make sure that you plan how to decorate the table as well. You don't want it just sitting in a corner and not being noticed. You want it to be regal until the magical moment of the cake cutting.