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Glitter Makeup & Hair Ideas

Glitter Makeup & Hair Ideas

Glitter Makeup & Hair Ideas. Glitter is one of those accessories that falls into the category of “less is more” and these hair and makeup ideas can help you harness your inner glitter maven to achieve a sparkling wedding day look.

The first few looks feature hairstyles that help frame the bride’s face. This allows her glitter eyeshadow to truly stand out against the rest of her look.


Two small tendrils fall down past her cheeks while the back features two braids brought together in a low ponytail.


Another variation includes statement earrings and the braided hairstyle now pulled up off of her neck to showcase the intricately beaded neckline of her gown.


For added variation, she wears light blue glitter on the outer corners of her lids to match the color of her eyes. For balance, the rest of her makeup palette is light and dewy.


Next, she wears silver glitter across her lids but pairs them with a bold red lip for a truly dynamite combination. With her hair now completely off her face, those details can really shine.


The braided combination is taken one step further by adding another braid at the bottom of the ponytail to keep the look going all the way down.


This fashion-forward bride next dons an avant-garde look that is wildly creative. A mohawk of glittering foliage runs from her forehead down her back.


It coordinates with the beading on two different dresses to show how this unique accessory can be styled with two different gowns.


The artistic expression is extended through her makeup, as well, where she keeps the pale blue glitter on her eyes and exchanges her red lip to more of a rosy hue. It’s the perfect touch with the intricate silver beading of her gown.


She removes the headpiece and this time, adds a touch more glitter to her eyelids. And since the rest of her makeup and accessories are quite subtle, it allows her eyes to pop.


And if you’re going to rock silver glitter on your eyelids, why not pair it with an equally dazzling gown? The bride’s silver glitter makeup palette completes this open-back design marvelously.


The designer goes one step further and adds a touch of glitter to the bride’s lips, taking this glitter inspiration over the top.


It's easy to get carried away with glitter and these ideas show how to incorporate glitter into your big day in a mature, yet ultra-creative way without blinding your guests. A little here and a little there is all you need to truly sparkle!

Photographer:Lucy DavenportHair: Jo via LovehairMUA:Louise SeymourFlorals:Juliet GlavesModel: Jenny via Profile Location:Sunset StudioDresses:Amanda Wakeley  + Halfpenny London  + Gibson BespokeJewelry:Cotton & GemsShoes:Charlotte Mills

Glitter Makeup & Hair Ideas

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