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Fresh Garden Bridal Bouquets

Fresh garden bridal bouquets. Nothing is more aromatic and traditional than a fresh bouquet of flowers. Even though these bridal bouquets are made with the hottest of flowers in the wedding sphere, they still exude a classic elegance that will still be relevant for years to come.

These garden fresh flowers look perfect in their imperfection. A tightly-tied bouquet isn't a hard and fast rule for brides. This bouquet is full of assorted greenery with bright bursts of white roses, pink peonies, and small garden roses. The bouquet would be the perfect accessory for a natural and extremely romantic ceremony.

garden bouquet

via Corinne Krogh

Dark and bright colors both make up this unique arrangement. This bouquet boasts a vast variety of flowers including dark red dahlias, assorted roses, orchids and unbloomed peonies set in a base of greenery. The unfinished and wild quality is endearing and effortless.

garden bouquet

via Kerinsa Marie

This bouquet is full of finesse and femininity. It is plentiful of peach and pink peonies, snapdragons, and delicate purple flowers that make for an ultra-pretty arrangement. Tied with a pink ribbon, this bouquet is perfect for the traditional summer wedding.

garden bouquet

via Spindle Photography

Black and white poppies are a chic addition to this bouquet. Long, leafy greenery looks exquisite next to deep red and blush-colored flowers. This arrangement is hearty enough and colorful enough for a beautiful wedding in the cold winter months.

garden bouquet

via Orange Photographie

This bouquet looks as if it were plucked straight from the fields and what's not to notice? There's thistle, yellow roses, blue iris, and wildflowers, just to name a few. An accessory such as this would be quite ideal in a small, intimate wedding or an affair full of rustic regalia.

garden bouquet

via Alixann Loosle Photography

The placement and assortment of the flowers in this bouquet is quite exclusive. The bright pink flowers in the front, surrounded by verdant leaves, pairs perfectly with the ribbons around the stems. Additionally, there are blush and pink roses and peonies, eucalyptus, and other assorted greenery to make this bouquet burst with color and texture.

garden bouquet

via Rachel Pearlman Photography

Fresh garden bouquets offer something rare and original for a bride. Definitely not like any bouquet she's ever seen before, a bride's best accessory should be something exclusively her own.

Fresh garden bridal bouquets.


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