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Forest Park Missouri Engagement Session

Forest Park Missouri Engagement Session. Lauren and James have quite the interesting “how we met” story. After reluctantly agreeing to go out with a friend, Lauren was approached by a stranger saying they had a friend who wanted to meet her. She was pleasantly surprised to see James on the other end of that introduction. The strange part is that the woman turned out to be a complete stranger to both, as she had approached Jim and said she’d introduce him to anyone in the bar. After choosing Lauren, they hit it off and four years later, became engaged. They love exploring their neighborhood in St. Louis, so that’s exactly what they did for their engagement shoot. The photographer followed them around, capturing natural moments so telling of their relationship.

engaged couple

Lauren is a beauty with a fun personality. She chooses a fun and bright jacket, gray shirt, statement necklace and a cool pair of heels to start. James wears a light blue shirt that matches his bride’s bright personality and a comfortable pair of jeans.

They find interesting spots to pause in Forest Park, considered one of the most beautiful urban parks in the world.

engaged couple

Lauren changes into a patterned blue dress while James grabs a darker shirt. They stroll hand-in-hand along a row of beautiful pink trees.

engaged couple engaged couple engaged couple engaged couple

They steal a moment in front of a colorful collection of tulips. It’s here that the photographer also snaps an up-close shot of Lauren’s stunning ring.

engaged couple engaged couple

With a chill in the air, Lauren grabs a cardigan to cover her shoulders as the couple continues their adventure. Turning towards Downtown, the Central West End features gorgeous architecture offering a contrast to the natural scene they explored earlier in the day.

engaged couple engaged couple

With one more outfit change, Lauren now looks ready for a casual night out with a comfy white sweater, blue shirt, and leggings. They cross the street, all smiles, eager to get the evening started with a plethora of shops and restaurants all around.

engaged couple

This St. Louis engagement shoot is cool and casual but most of all special. It’s endearing that Lauren and James chose to make their engagement photos so representative of who they are. There’s nothing overdone or embellished; it’s simply a showcase of their personalities and how they choose to live life together, a collection of photos capturing an authentic story that all started with a stranger.

Photographer:  Laura Ann Miller Photography, LLC Location: Forest Park

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