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Food Truck Wedding Inspiration

As kids we would get excited when we heard the bell of the ice cream truck.   Our hearts would flutter and we would be filled with excitement. If you would like to capture that feeling for your wedding, we have a unique idea for your special day. Why not consider a food truck wedding? The theme can be varied but the center of the event is definitely the truck.  They are being used for weddings held in backyards or parks. Let's look at a couple of  them and so that you can get some inspiration. First, let's look at the California wedding. This couple is stunning and their outfits blend in so well with the theme and their environment. Where else could a groom where shorts and still look great? Her dress is perfect as well. It is relaxed and perfect for this theme. Her blue green shoes were a wonderful choice. They work well with the grassy field. The bouquet was very earthy and resembled flowers that were freshly picked from the field where the wedding took place.

Their truck was nicely decorated with the flowers from the wedding and other nick knacks that fit the color scheme and theme of the day. The stools were blue green and they put a sofa in the field for their guests.  The food of course was hamburgers and french fries.

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You like the food truck but you still want to dress more traditional. Well, we have another example. In this wedding, the bride is wearing a beautiful strapless gown and her grown is wearing a suit and bow tie. Her hair is accented only by flowers without any jewelry which is perfect for this setting. Her bridesmaids are dressed more relaxed than you would imagine for a wedding but it works well in this environment.

They did not decorate their truck as much. They used a chalkboard for the menu and homemade pieces to decorate where the guests would sit. No stools or sofa here. They sat on blankets on the ground for a real picnic lunch. Picnic baskets were used in the decor which was a nice touch.

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If you were thinking of a more bohemian or relaxed wedding, then consider a food truck. It is a great way to turn a picnic into the event that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

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