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Fine Art Florida Beach Engagement Photos

Fine Art Florida Beach Engagement Photos.

Most couples plan their engagement photos months before their wedding. For Chris and Kirsten, they took their photos mere days after getting engaged on vacation during Christmas. And it has to be said that the genuine look of love, warmth, and affection these two have make a case for taking photos before the wedding planning begins. Set on a beach in Florida, these two are as calm as one can imagine. Their laidback and loving appearance is authentic and real. No outfit changes, no fancy props – just Chris and Kirsten and a ring.

He wears a peach shirt and navy shorts, while she wears a simple gray tank top and white pants.

The photographer gets a few classic shots of the ring, both in an artistic fashion and on Kirsten’s hand.

Then the two make their way to the sand. The soft ocean mist fogs up the air but the two hardly notice as they hold hands underneath a pier.

The Florida sunshine is soft and welcoming – perfect for this occasion.

They take a few fun shots next to the beach chairs and blue and white umbrellas, and some friendly sea turtle statues commemorate exactly where they were.

And as many couples in love do at the beach, they walk hand-in hand down the shoreline, marking their steps with heavy footprints in the sand, all the while enjoying the sweet simplicity of each other’s company.

Maybe it’s the fact that it was right after Christmas. Or, maybe it’s the fact that it was on a Florida beach. But there’s something so special and genuine about the engagement session of Kirsten and Chris. Even through the photographer’s lens, one can sense the utter excitement of a new engagement. And there’s nothing quite like it.

Photography:Aly Carroll

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