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Exotic Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Exotic Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Exotic Fall Wedding Bouquet Ideas.

It is so important to give thought what type of bouquet you are going to have for your wedding. It is an essential element of your bridal ensemble. You could easily get one that is traditional but if you wanted something that is usual, we have some ideas for you.

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

First let's look at the bouquets that have feathers. They are so pretty. The flowers are laid in between the feathers and almost seem as though they are in a nest. It is so amazing. The colors are so vibrant.

via Pinterest

Exotic Vintage Feather Wedding Bouquet via Style Me Pretty

If you are having an outdoor wedding, you might want to consider the fall arrangement. It has the assortment of flowers neatly designed with leaves. It looks as though the items were picked from a garden and put together. It is just beautiful and unique.

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via I loves SwMag

A more upscale event might call for a more elaborate bouquet. You could look at the bouquet that is is smaller than some but nicely adorned with jewels at the stem. It looks so elegant. Can you imagine walking down the aisle with this?

via Braedon Flynn

via Sargeant Photography

Bouquets can be simple, unique and over the top just like your bridal gown. When selecting a bouquet don't just lean towards the traditional. Give it some thought and consider your alternatives. You will be amazed how your bouquet could turn a beautiful bridal ensemble into stunning.

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