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English Garden Wedding Inspiration Idea

Did you have tea parties as a child? Did you love dressing up in your mother's heels and dresses? Well, why not consider having a wedding that has an English garden influence? You are not really sure that that means? Well, we will show you. You decor would resemble a very fancy dinner. There would be neural tones like ivory and the tables would be adorned with tablecloths. The centerpieces should be classic floral arrangements that are not composed of colorful flowers. You could either use the china like that one in the cup or a raised bowl. You see how the dangling pearls make the centerpiece just look stunning.

If you want more decorations on the tables, you could use tea candles around the centerpiece. They make a great complement especially if you place them on a raised stand. You could also be creative and place the menu on the plate. There are so many unique ways that you could add little touches that are just your own. Look at the porcelain birds in the tree, they are just adorable.

You like the idea but you don't have a large budget. Well, why not borrow the china? Many people have fine china that is just displayed or rarely used, Each table could have its own unique table setting.

You could even seat the families with their own china. Many of the ideas displayed would make wonderful do it yourself projects.

You want to feel like a princess on your special day, this a great theme. You could even have your guests wear hats and gloves to get into the mood. If you want look and feel like royalty, then this English tea party idea is definitely one to consider.

Found on United with Love / Photography:  Stacey Windsor Photography

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