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Enchanted Rock Frederickburg Texas Engagement Session

You are planning your engagement session and you are trying to find the right location. You are looking for really great scenery for a great backdrop. Sometimes the best background is the natural setting. Becky and Nick selected Enchanted Rock in Fredicksburg, Texas and it works because the backdrop is simply nature. The purpose of the engagement session is to great pictures of the two of you displaying your love for each other. What better way to do that than to choose a place where your presence does not disturb its beauty? enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-2 enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-4 enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-3 enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-5

They sit, they stand, they embrace. No matter what they do the backdrop is so magnificent you can't take your eyes off of the photograph. Each frame looks like it belongs on a postcard.

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outdoor engagement sessions enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-8 enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-13 enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-9

For variety, they took more pictures after the sun set and roasted marshmallows. Now this is original.

enchanted-rock-frederickburg-texas-engagement-sessions-10 texas engagements

We know that there are some that feel that an engagement session is unnecessary. We do not agree. Why pass up a chance to get great pictures of the couple while they are in the honeymoon stage? The natural joy that is displayed at this time is priceless and can not be duplicated. Also, these pictures will come in handy for all of the affairs during the engagement period. No matter where you select for your session, the most important thing is that it is somewhere where you can relax. The purpose is to show the two of you naturally displaying affection. Nick and Becky are showing how much they love each other and enjoy being with each other. They didn't need any stimulus to show their natural happiness. It does not where you decide to do it, the most important thing is to do it. The session will produce pictures that you will treasure as much as your wedding pictures. You will capture a very special time in your lives when you first realized that you wanted to spend the rest of your lives together. Give careful consideration to your venue and have fun.

Photographer:  Tim Waters Photography Location: Enchanted Rock - Frederickburg,Texas

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