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Edible Wedding Favors

Edible Wedding Favors

Edible wedding favors are an ingenious way to tell your guests "thanks for coming!" Not only are they yummy and offer another treat to take home but they won’t be a forgotten memento left behind on the reception table. Think about what foods you and your fiancé enjoy and incorporate them into a wedding favor. Clearly, this couple loves doughnuts. But instead of just offering guests boxed doughnuts, they packed mini doughnuts in a clever and cute plastic container.


via Leila Brewster

Your edible favors can also make for an elegant display. This couple gifted guests with their own personal bottles of olive oil. How gorgeous do they all look next to a large floral centerpiece with olive stems below?


via Michele Beckwith

For a small wedding, personalized edible favors are a wonderful way to make sure each guest has a special treat. These clear boxes, personalized with each guest’s name, holds three star-shaped sugar cookies. It truly makes for a sweet gesture.


via The Great Romance Photo

An easier and more economical idea is to find (or make!) big batches of something you love or something local – like honey, jam, spices, or even a hot drink mix – and put them in mini jars. You can dress them up with a small note tied with a colorful piece of string.


via Coco Tran

Get inspired by your wedding location. If you're hosting a tropical wedding, your guests would definitely appreciate a fresh coconut right on the beach. You can even have your initials and wedding date branded right on the side.


via Brilliant Studios

Nothing’s easier than having a snack on a stick. These chocolate and crispy-covered pretzels are the perfect combination of salty and sweet. You can upgrade the look by tying a ribbon and a small card around the stick.


via Katie Stoops Photography

There’s no guest who wouldn’t enjoy an edible wedding favor (or two!). Pick something you and your husband love and share it on your big day.

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