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Earth Day Oregon Woodlands Inspiration Wedding Shoot

Not all brides want or need all of the pomp and circumstance on their wedding. If you are a more unconventional bride, we have an Oregon shoot based on Earth Day that might give you some ideas for your nuptials. The bride and her bridesmaid look so earthy in their short white dresses and wreaths made of flowers. earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-2 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-3 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-14 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-4 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-15 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-5 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-16 bride laying in roses earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-7 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-8 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-9

They are captured in various poses. They are standing together, they are sitting together and they are standing alone. They also used props such as the porch and fence.

earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-10 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-11 earth-day-oregon-woodlands-inspiration-wedding-shoot-12 bride with flower wreath

We hope that this simple shoot has shown that you can have a beautiful wedding without all of the hoopla. Simple does not mean that it is not beautiful. Be inspired to step outside of the box and have a non-traditional wedding.

Photographer:  Anne Blodgett Photography//Event Planner: The Perfect Occasion

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