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DIY Vintage Redding California Real Wedding

It is hard to imagine a DIY wedding that is simple, gorgeous and not an over the top budget. Well, Leida and Cody were able to pull that off when they tied the knot at the White House in Churn Creek in Redding, California. First and foremost, tea held a special place in their hearts. They used to meet after work and talk over a cup of tea. She used this as inspiration for her centerpieces. They were composed of cups of tea with old books. How creative? Second, Cody simply loved Leila's homemade brownies and apple pies so this was also incorporated into the theme of their wedding day. Their friends and family made homemade goodies and they gave their guests recipe cards to take home so they could make the treats themselves. This was a gift that everyone could appreciate. diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--3 vintage-california-weddingsThird, her strapless gown was gorgeous. It definitely look like a dress from a designer but she purchased it off of EBAY. Her pearls and hairstyle just made the whole outfit look amazing.   diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--5 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--30 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--6 Her bouquet was simply a bunch of flowers beautifully held together with a nice band.  diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--31  diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--7 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--8 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--9 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--10

The necklaces of the bridesmaids were made by one of  Leila's friends. This was just another example of a personal touch

diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--12The groom and groomsmen wore white shirts and black ties. The groom outfit was a little different since he also wore a vest. The bridesmaids wore short black dresses which complemented the men perfectly.   diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--13  diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding- diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--14 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--17 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--22 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--23 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--24 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--32 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--16 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--19 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--2 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--33 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--15 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--34 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--18 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--27 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--35 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--36 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--20 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--37 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--21 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--38 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--25 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--26 diy-vintage-chic-redding-california-real-wedding--29 vintage-diy-california-weddings

As you can see, you can have a simple, intimate affair and not have an the top budget. You can have an amazing wedding by just paying attention to all of the details and your day will be incredible.

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