DIY Thank You Favor Bags for Wedding Guests

Make thank you favor bags for your wedding guests ! It's hard sometimes to figure out ways to do something unique and personal at the same time. They will love the handmade touch. This is so easy to make!

Supplies 1. Scallop Cards from Paper-Source $6.50 for a 20 pack of cards 2. Lunch Bags  3. 1/8 in Ribbon $9.50 for 30 yards we used chartreuse 4. Eyelet Setter $4.50 5. Eyelets in Gravel $1.45 for 50 6. 1/8 Hole Punch

Instructions 1. Print out the Scallop Cards 2. Place Scallop Cards on the Lunch Bag 3. Punch holes through the card and bag at the same time 4. Place eyelets right side up and card right side down, use Eyelet Setter and a small hammer to set 5. Fill your goodie bags with yummy treats 6. Run 1/8 in Ribbon through the bag and card and tie

Project from Wedding Chicks