DIY Eco Friendly Real Wedding Blog Feature

DIY Eco Friendly. I love diy weddings ! It's great to see brides put their unique touch on things. I think most brides get intimidated by the idea. I don't think DIY is for every bride. There can definitely be stress from hand making all of your wedding decor. If your crafty,artistic and or on a budget, then DIY is a great solution. Many times brides can't afford the best route. Which is hiring a florist,planner and or decorator. I always recommend that brides hire a professional, because it relieves a lot of stress. Also you can find a talented decorator that can take your ideas & expand on it. I find two heads are better than one. Having someone else to bounce ideas off with is great. Or you can just tell them your vision & let them run with it. Or you can do a few DIY projects and let someone else do the rest. Here is a cute DIY wedding we found.

diy real wedding

Love the hanging books! What a neat way to repurpose them. diy real wedding

Photos by: EE Photography

DIY Real Wedding