DIY Pineapple Cupcake In A Jar

DIY Pineapple Cupcake In A Jar.
No longer do people consider the wedding cake that only dessert that you can serve at a wedding. They are getting creative. We have a DIY project for a pineapple cupcake in a jar. This would be perfect for the dessert table. If you love fresh fruit, then you will love these ideas.
1--Whole pineapple, package of strawberries or another fresh fruit of your choice
2--Mason jar
5--whip cream
1--Cut up fruit in chunk size pieces. If using blueberries then this step is not necessary.. Put it aside.
2--Take mason jar. Open it up and place fabric inside of the lid. I used hot glue to attach the fabric to the lid.
3--Gently place a cupcake inside. Make sure that it is standing up inside.
4--Put some whip cream inside of the jar on top of the cupcake. You don't want to put too much so that the cupcake is no longer visible.
5--Sprinkle fruit on top.
6--If you jar is deep enough, you can repeat this process with another cupcake.
Now you have a cute cupcake in a jar. Not bad for my first try!
also you can make:
1--Batch of cupcakes.
2--Can of Reddi-Whip
3--Whole pineapple or package of strawberries or blueberries
1--Take cupcake and place on an even surface.
2--Place some Reddi-Whip on top. Don't put too  much because then you won't taste anything else.
3--Cut fresh fruit in bite size chunks. You can skip this step if using blueberries.
4--Sprinkle fresh fruit on top of cupcakes.
If you want an idea for your wedding that will look good and taste good also.
diy pineapple cupcake- Michelle Butler
diy pineapple cupcake