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DIY Eco Friendly Succulent Wedding Favors

DIY Eco Friendly Succulent Wedding Favors

DIY Eco Friendly Succulent Wedding Favors. Are you looking for unique ideas for your wedding favors? Would you like something that will be treasured long after your nuptials and not thrown in a corner? Well, I have a great idea for you. Why not give a plant?

Succulent's have become a household favorite due to their unique shapes and long life. The great thing about a succulent is they survive even without water. I had succulents that weren't watered for 6 months. We've heard stories of them lasting 1- 5 years. So it really is the perfect gift because it's low maintenance. So even someone without a green thumb can enjoy this beautiful plant.

Another great thing about succulent favors is your giving your guests a eco friendly gift. You're helping to give back to the environment. So this is a gift that keeps on giving. Plant favors are something you know will be used and cherished for hopefully many years to come. While candy and other favors are great. This one of a kind favor will leave an impression on your guests.


1. Succulents

2. Metal Pots

3. Roll of Twine

4. Scissors


1--Take the twine and cut a piece that will be long enough to go around the neck of the planter and make a bow..

2--Gently take the plants out of their pots. You want to make sure that you do not disturb the roots or the plant itself.

3--Place the plant into the metal planter.

4-- That's it. You are all done.

Even though our example is not decorated, you could put your names on it or something to represent the theme of your wedding. Have fun and be creative. Make a favor that your guests will treasure and will continue to live long after your wedding day.

DIY Eco Friendly Project: Trendy Bride

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