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Deann Designs - Wedding Artist - Fine Art Paintings

Deann Designs - Wedding Artist - Fine Art Paintings

Deann Designs - Wedding Artist - Fine Art Paintings

In the past few years, artists painting real-time scenes at weddings and reception has been a burgeoning trend. But Nashville’s own Deann Designs is making cherished wedding memories come to life on canvas in a whole new way.

Deann Designs' pieces, owned by nationally-published award-winning artist Deann Hebert, features layers reminiscent of “tree bark or peeling barn paint, with a muted color palette,” offering a subtle, romantic richness.


And while she’s inspired by pieces featuring nests and angels,

she’s offering brides the opportunity to reserve their own personalized piece of art.


She creates original paintings for brides, taking photos from the big day and translating them through paint to create an exclusive custom piece.


And if you have a cherished image of your church or another part of your special day,

Deann Designs can use that as inspiration for your piece, as well.


Deann Designs opens up space for commissions during select times of the year. You can sign up for the waiting list on her website or text 44222 with the message MYCUSTOMART for more information.

We all purchase photo albums and prints of our wedding days, but how special would it be to have a custom piece of art in your home that's reflective of such an important moment? It’s personal, it’s touching and it’s a one-of-a-kind original. And doesn’t every bride, think of their wedding day as just that?

Website: Deann Designs

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