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Day After Styled Wedding Shoot in Washington DC

The wedding day is so rushed. You have to make sure that everything and everyone is in place for the wedding and reception. Of course, you have to attend the ceremony and reception. You have lots and lots of pictures but you really don't have time to relax. At times, in the hustle and bustle you don't get any really nice shots of two of you together. Well, why not consider a day after photo session? Lauren and Jeremy had their wedding session after all of the pomp and circumstance in Washington, D.C. and it turned out absolutely amazing. african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-19 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-2 wasington-dc-trendy-bride-weddings african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-4 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-5 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-9 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-6 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-7 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-20 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-8

Lauren was a gorgeous bride. Her strapless gown was breathtaking. It gathered at the knees with incredible jewels embezzled into the dress. She accented her outfit with a necklace and bracelet and also had a jeweled clip in her hair. Having her hair in a bun was perfect to show off the clip and her amazing outfit.

african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-14 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-15 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-21 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-16 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-12

Jeremy and Lauren made such as handsome couple. They looked stunning as they posed in front of the national monuments, on the bridge or even on the sidewalk. They also had some pictures taken with others that are special to them. It was a very intimate session.

african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-13 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-18 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-11 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-17 african-american-wedding-couple-washington-dc-shoot-23 african american dc weddings

As you can see, Jeremy and Lauren still look amazing even though it is the day after their wedding. They looked so relaxed and were able to get some fantastic pictures. You only plan on wearing this gown once so you want to get as many pictures as possible. Consider a day after photo session so that you can get some pictures of two of you in your wedding attire. You will not be disappointed and you will get some special shots in your wedding clothes that nay not have been to get. It is definitely an option to think about.

Photographer:  Terri Baskin Photography//Dress Store: Formal Envy//Event Planner: Miraculous Events//Floral Designer: Wedding Muse

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