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Cyclades Greece Real Wedding by Vangelis Photography

Getting married is a once in a lifetime event. You want it to be right. You want to choose the right venue, colors and theme. You want your day to be unforgettable. If you chose a venue that was so magnificent that just having your nuptials there would create a once in a lifetime experience, the planning is a little easier. Even though Berna and Haldun are both from Turkey, they decided to travel all the way to Santorini, Greece to exchange their vows. Their day was nothing short of spectacular. They started their day at the Tsitorouras Collection, which is a historical hotel. It is the dream child of Dmitris Tsitouras who renovated a 1780 mansion.It is composed of five buildings which each covers a different facet of Greek history. He decorated the hotel with art work that dates back to the 19th century. What a perfect place to start a magical wedding? This is where the couple got ready for their nuptials. summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-20 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-22 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-34 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-18

The art deco style of the architecture combined with the art work made this truly an incredible location. Just look at the view, it is just breathtaking. It provides such a magnificent backdrop for Berna and Haldun as they stood hand in hand. The art work decorates the space without looking cluttered. It forms such a priceless setting. You think how could they top that? Well, let's travel to their wedding venue, Dana Villas. It is located in the Firostefani area caldera cliff side at an altitude of of over 300m. Guests are treated to a view of the Caldera, volcano as well as the Aegean Sea. It is a wonderful venue for a wedding. The magic continued for Berna and Haldun. 

summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-17 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-21 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-15 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-35 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-19 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-16 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-24 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-26 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-23 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-28

Berna was absolutely stunning in her strapless gown. She complemented her ensemble with a circular hanging necklace and matching earrings. The design of the jewelry matched the architecture of her surroundings. Haldun wore a black tuxedo with a bow tie. They made such an elegant couple. summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-27 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-29 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-30 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-31 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-32 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-33 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-25 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-8

Once they exchanged their vows, the magic just continued to the reception. The decor of starfish and netting on the table was so appropriate for this venue. The blue color scheme blended in so well with the white architecture.The four tier white wedding cake was amazing with its floral accents and looked simply magnificent on the table surrounded by the flowers.

summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-9 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-10 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-11 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-12 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-13 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-14 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-2 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-3 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-4 summer-fira-firostefani-cyclades-greece-weddings-5 greece real weddings

As you can see, you can have a destination wedding that does not include the beach. You can choose a location that is  amazing because of its location or its history. Berna and Haldun had an incredible wedding and you can have one too if you choose a venue that offers unbelievable scenery as well as a story all its own. It will help you plan and organize the wedding of your dreams.

Photographer:  Vangelis Photography//Hair Stylist: Bella Hairstylist//Reception Venue: Dana Villas Weddings//Makeup Artist: Dimitra Giatrakou//Lighting: Multimedia Events//Cake Designer:Petran Art Event Planner: Poema Weddings & Special Events in Santorini//Favors and Gifts:Tessie Creative Pre Ceremony Location: The Tsitouras Collection//Floral Designer:Wedding Wish / Agrokipio Cinema and Video:

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