Cute Wedding Exit Ideas

Cute Wedding Exit Ideas.

Each detail of the wedding is usually planned and carefully considered. The colors, the flowers, the clothes, the music. But what about the exit of the bride and groom? Will you stay until the last guest leaves or will you depart before the party is over? If you leave early how will that be done? Well, we have some great ideas if you decide that you want to leave the party behind and start the honeymoon early.

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What is more romantic than a bicycle built for two? It would be so adorable for you both to ride off together in your gown and suit. It would be so special.

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If a bike is not your thing, how about rowing off into the sunset? Nothing is more breathtaking than the view from the seashore. The water is beautiful and provides a wonderful way for you both to exit the festivities. Don't stop your planning at the obvious. Why not consider an exit that will blow your guests away? It will be the perfect start to your life together.