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Custom Wedding Portraits

Custom Wedding Portraits

Custom Wedding Portraits.

If you’re looking for a custom piece of art to capture the splendor of your wedding, look no further than the talents of Florida-based artist, Lena Navarro. Navarro aims to honor women with hand-painted portraits that depict precious moments of happiness and keep those cherished memories alive.

Art is the way Navarro communicates with the world. She is a lover of all things fun, carefree, emotional and meaningful and finds inspiration through many of her surroundings: the whispering palms and laps of the ocean.


She began painting bridal portraits to give brides something meaningful that can last for generations to come. Her philosophy is simple: if someone spends hours to paint your face, you must be special. And as a bride, you certainly are.

Navarro believes no woman is more beautiful than on her wedding day because the joy beams from your eyes. And it’s a quality that can absolutely be captured on canvas through the talented, thoughtful hands of an artist.


Navarro doesn’t just copy photographs; she connects with the image and converts the memory into an oil painting. And she uses her creative talent and skill to produce a piece of art only you can ever have.


With great care, all of Navarro’s pieces are created with oil paints on a gallery-wrapped canvas. Brides have the choice of timeless black and white, black and white with a hint of color, sepia (brownish color) or antique colors. And if you’re outside the U.S., no worries – she ships worldwide.


So, whether you’re hoping to secure a portrait of your bouquet or your wedding day look, Lena Navarro is honored to translate that moment onto canvas. And in the days of instant technology, taking the extra time and attention to capture your wedding through artistic expression is the ultimate gift to yourself.


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