CTC Garden Austin Texas Real Wedding

It is always rewarding when you can help someone else in need just by being involved in an activity. It is as added bonus. Wouldn't that be incredible to be able to do that on your wedding day? When Julie and Shane tied the knot at the CTC Garden in Austin, Texas, they were able to do just that. CTC Garden is not only a beautiful outdoor venue with a garden and greenhouse but it is much more than that. CTC is an International non profit organization. They rent out space to pay for the administrative costs and as a result donor funding is used to support various programs in Kenya. They hope to break the cycle of poverty in that nation through education, environment, health, economy and community. What an added bonus to know that you are helping to making an impact in another country with your wedding? austin tx weddings austin tx weddings wedding bouquets austin tx weddings dogs in wedding party austin tx weddings austin tx weddings austin tx weddings austin tx weddings austin tx weddings

At their wedding, Julie and Shane had an amazing time at this incredible venue. First of all, she looked wonderful in her strapless lace gown. She had a ribbon at the waist. She did not clutter it up with lots of jewelry. She wore a bracelet and studded earrings.

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Shane wore a suit and tie as did his grooms men. The brides maids wore beautiful short dresses. They were all the perfect complement to Julie. The bridal party looked great but was definitely not over the top. It was perfect for this venue.

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But after the special couple, the most important members of the bridal party were their dogs. They were dressed so cute in their tuxedos. It was so precious. It was evident from the pictures that Julie and Shane just love life and each other. Dressing up the dogs was definitely an example of how they just love to have fun.

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We don't all have venues like CTC in our locale that would allow us to help others while we get married. However, you might come up with your own way of doing the same thing. You could ask guests to donate to a cause in lieu of gifts, you could use the resources of a non profit either to cater or use their facilities or you could simply have a theme of your wedding educate your guests about a cause that you are passionate about. Remember, this is your day and if you want to also use it as a soapbox, it isn't a problem. Come up with a plan and more than anything have a great time knowing that you are helping someone else while your tie the knot. How rewarding is that?

Photographer:  Andy Sams Photography// Caterer: Maudies // Venue: CTC Garden