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Columbia Icefields Glacier Elopement

A visionary team of designers put together this awe-inducing styled elopement shoot at the Columbia Icefields Glacier in Canada and truly, the pictures speak for themselves. The concept is simple, yet grand. The setting is beyond compare. The styling is modern and current. It’s a captivating scene reminding us that nature is our best inspiration. To start, the bride and groom are photographed inside the glacier. The size and depth of the location is remarkable and the contrast to the size of the couple is intriguing.

canada elopement

The colorful shift of the ice from blue to white is majestic. The atmosphere resembles a canvas with thick cool-toned brush strokes, almost too transcendent to believe.

canada elopement canada elopement canada elopement canada elopement canada elopement canada elopement

Even though there is a generous blanket of snow on the ground, the bride and groom traverse it to get just the right shot.

canada elopement canada elopement

The bride wears a lace A-line gown and covers up with a leather jacket. She shows off her cheeky, adventurous style with blue streaks in her raven hair.

canada elopement canada elopement canada elopement

The groom channels bohemian with black leather pants, a long white shirt, black fedora, black jacket, and collection of necklaces.

canada elopement elopements

Together, they complement one another with their black and white attire. Although this shoot is anything but traditional, the subtle nod to traditional wedding style is endearing.

elopements elopements elopements elopements

They share a kiss and show off their affectionate sides, creating their own sense of warmth even with the chilly surroundings.

elopements elopements

They emerge from underneath the ice and stand on a cliff. The blowing snow creates a fog of white behind them and while the groom holds on to his hat, the bride holds on to him.


They manage one more kiss. The scene is utterly romantic with the brooding mountains in the distance. They look deeply into each other's eyes and absorb every ounce of the snowy scene.

elopements elopements

If you're a daring duo with an appetite for adventure, an elopement in a story-worthy location is idyllic. This bride and groom were styled with their unique personalities in mind and evoked the same passion of any eloping couple – shuttering the chill for an experience that will warm any heart.

Photography - Heidrich Photography Location- Columbia Icefields Glacier Gown - Anais Anette  through Pear & Dot  Necklace - Coutu Kitsch Ring - Sonia Boyajian Hair and Make-up - SimplyMe Hat - Goorin Bros Video - My Canvas Media

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