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Classic Modern Cakes By Jim Smeal

Classic Modern Cakes By Jim Smeal

Classic Modern Cakes By Jim Smeal.

Cake decorators are known as the artists of the pastry industry. You give them your ideas or a picture and a masterpiece is created. Some cakes are so spectacular that you just don't want to eat it. Well, Jim Smeal creates cakes that will simply blow you away. We have a few examples to share with you.

First look at the cake with the birds. It is hard to imagine that you are looking at a cake. It definitely resembles a portrait. The detail is impeccable. The vines that the birds are perched on is such a great touch.

Next,  let's look at the green white cross stitch design. It is not as detailed as the birds but it is just as special. Each line is symmetrical. This is perfect if you want your cake to match the decor of your wedding.

The initial cake is just as nice. Since each tier is different, it makes it stand out more due to its uniqueness.White tier cakes are lovely and classic. If you want your cake to stand out and be different from the rest, here are some great ideas that will definitely help you accomplish that desire.

Cakes by:Jim Smeal

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