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Italy Travel Photos

Italy Travel Photos. Italy is such a romantic country! Venice was our first stop on the trip. My best friend and I have never seen such a city quite like it. There are no cars as you must walk or bike through the small alleyways. Destination

New Zealand Travel Photos

New Zealand Travel Photos. I love New Zealand for it's outdoor adventures. When deciding on which part of New Zealand to visit (North or South), my best friend, Stephanie and I were torn. We had decided to visit the North

Gran Canaria Travel Photos

Gran Canaria Travel Photos. This image set is from a recent trip with two close friends to Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Gran Canaria was the first stop on a two week Europe Trip. When planning the trip, my photographer friend

French Polynesia Travel Photos

French Polynesia Travel Photos. It has always been a dream for me to visit Bora Bora and I had the opportunity to travel there two years ago. I went with my best friend, Stephanie, as a fun girls trip and we stayed at the Four Seasons

Greek Islands Travel Photos

Greek Islands Travel Photos. If you have not yet visited the Greek islands, these images will definitely make you want to go on an island hopping tour this summer! As a destination, Greek islands have something to offer to a wide range

Niagara Falls Travel Photos

Niagara Falls Travel Photos. Niagara Falls is a site to see in person! As photographers, my best friend, Stephanie and I woke up before sunrise to head out to catch the sunrise and Niagara Falls. Niagara Falls is known for its 3 water falls

South of France Travel Photos

South of France Travel Photos. I recently flew to the South of France and was taken by the pastel colored buildings, tiny inset towns, and appreciation for keeping things just as they are without home owner's association regulations

Australia Travel Photos

Australia Travel Photos. Australia is a beautiful country to visit! My best friend, Stephanie and I began this trip by visiting the Great Barrier Reef. By doing so, you first need to fly into Cairns which is a sweet little town far north of

Paris Travel Photos

Paris Travel Photos - Fine Art Film. There are very few cities I repeat more than once and Paris continues to be one of them. There is so much inspiration this sophisticated city has to offer. From the smell of the freshly baked baguettes