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Ever Pretty Dresses

Ever Pretty Dresses. Ever-Pretty understands brides come from all walks of life and some are looking for more budget-friendly wedding gowns and affordable bridesmaid dresses. They offer bridal, bridesmaid, mother-of-the-

Delicora Bridal Jewelry

Delicora Bridal Jewelry. Jewelry is a big part of any bride’s style and Delicora’s earring collection is perfect for any pre-wedding event. Founded by Sandra Martinelli, Delicora is known for its quality lightweight, hypoallergenic

Wedding Veils by Anomalie

Wedding Veils by Anomalie. A veil isn’t just an accessory; it’s an extension of a bride’s wedding day look and Anomalie wedding veils take it to a new, personal level. Known for their ability to provide custom styles and lengths at

Shoes for Western Weddings

Shoes for Western Weddings. If you’re a chic country bride searching for the perfect footwear for your western-style wedding, you should look no further than Two24 by Ariat. Why? For starters, their designs are inspired by equestrian

Jaw-dropping wedding veils

There are wedding veils and then there are jaw-dropping wedding veils. They can either be extra long, crafted from unique fabric or made in an entirely different color. But what makes them jaw-dropping most of all is how a bride

Luxury Wedding Shoes

Luxury Wedding Shoes. Emmy London’s 2018 collection of luxury wedding shoes – Meadow Dreaming – is inspired by Creative Director Emmy Scarterfield’s admiration of English country meadows, wild