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Castle Coombe Chippenham Wiltshire United Kingdom Wedding

Little girls play dress up. They want to be older like mommy and when they pretend to get married, they want to be Cinderella. Well, when Lucy and Scott tied the knot at the Manor House at Castle Coombe in Chippenham, Wiltshire United Kingdom, Lucy definitely looked like a Cinderella. The venue really looked like a place out of a fairy tale. It was absolutely fabulous and looked like a castle. The entrance way with the greenery on the building, circular drive and tremendous edifice, all gave the feeling of something larger than life. This was just the outside. When you entered the doors, it resembled an ancient European cathedral, it looked enormous. castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings united-kingdom-real-weddings-3 united-kingdom-real-weddings-4 united-kingdom-real-weddings-5 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-6 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-7 united-kingdom-real-weddings-6 united-kingdom-real-weddings-7 united-kingdom-real-weddings-8 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-25 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-11 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-12 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-13 united-kingdom-real-weddings-9 united-kingdom-real-weddings-10 united-kingdom-real-weddings-11 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-17 

Since it a golf course, the grounds are absolutely gorgeous. There were the hedges in geometric shapes or just the open field, the venue was just beautiful. Lucy and Scott were stunning as they walked around this location. But the fairy tale comparison did not stop with the venue. Lucy really did look like Cinderella. Her strapless white gown was so simple but it flared out on the bottom that gave her a princess feel. She complemented it with a long veil that hung behind her. Her groom matched her perfectly with his black tuxedo. They made a handsome couple.

castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-19 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-18 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-21 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-20 united-kingdom-real-weddings-12 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-28 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-27 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-29 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-30 united-kingdom-real-weddings-13 united-kingdom-real-weddings-14 The table settings definitely fit this amazing wedding. Each table was named after a different movie star such as Burt Lancaster or Marilyn Monroe. How unique and how appropriate.

castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-22 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-33 castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-24

The cake was also amazing. It was five tiers with berries along the edges and a flower design as a topper. It looked so magnificent, almost too good to eat. When you are having a fairy tale like wedding, the cake has to be out of this world and their cake did not disappoint.

castle-coombe-chippenham-wiltshire-united-kingdom-weddings-23 united-kingdom-real-weddings-15 uk castle real weddings

Lucy's fairy tale definitely came true when she got married and yours can also. Many times brides think that they have to have so many elements in order to create a fairy tale wedding. Remember, fairy tales are not elaborate, they are simple. They are written for children who have short attention spans and can not understand anything too complicated. Be simple but be creative and your fantasy can come true on wedding day also.

Photographer:  Silverton Photography Ltd Venue: The Manor House at Castle Coombe

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