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C and O Canal Georgetown Washington DC Engagement Session

You have heard the term but have no idea what it is. What exactly is an engagement shoot? Well, it is an opportunity for an engaged couple to get some pictures together. They can use those photos throughout the wedding season for their various events or simply cherish them and display them in their home. It is an excellent opportunity to get some relaxed pictures and capture the "in love" phase of your relationship. Shani and Rob showed that you don't need any elaborate setting. As long as the couple is relaxed the pictures will be fantastic. 

Shani and Rob had their session in Washington, D.C. and they just simply showed how much they enjoy being with each other. They did change their outfits during the session but it isn't the different clothes that made the photos special. It is the love that they share that is shown that is so evident. african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos-2 african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos-4

They snuggle, they giggle, they walk hand in hand and they even kiss. They are just enjoying each other and no one else in the world matters. It is wonderful how they even captured graffiti on the wall which definitely gives their session more of an urban feel.

african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos-3 african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos-6 african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos-7 african-american-georgetown-washington-dc-engagment-photos-8 washington dc engagements

We hope that you will see how wonderful an engagement session can be. It is an opportunity for you to get some great shots during your engagement. They will capture the love that you have for each other and they will be cherished for a lifetime right next to your wedding pictures. Everyone has a model within. This gives you a chance to bring it out. Make sure that you consider having an engagement session and you won't believe all of the fun you will have. Who said that they taking pictures was not fun?

Photographer:  Natarsha N. Wright Photography

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