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Brooklyn New York Engagement Session by Bom Photography

Engagement sessions are as unique as the couple. There is no format. There are no rules. It is very important to select a venue that you like so that you can relax. These pictures come out best when they are natural. The best photos are the ones that are not posed but natural. She gently touches his shoulder. He lovingly gazes in her direction. You want to capture these moments to share with others now and in the future. That's why it is so important to choose the right venue to get great pictures. Bomin was from Korea. Kenny was from England. They carried on a long distance relationship before deciding to get married. However, she had lived in New York during college and knew she wanted her engagement pictures to be taken in New York. You can see her love for Kenny as well as her love for her surroundings. She looks so relaxed and so free. brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-8 brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-9 brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-10 brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-3 brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-4

These pictures just show them enjoying each other and their environment. No special poses. They did not change their clothes numerous times. They just looked like they are the only ones in the world. Quite honestly shouldn't all engaged couples look so in love? You want to capture that feeling in your engagement pictures.

brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-5 brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-6 brooklyn-new-york-engagement-session-trendy-bride-bom-photography-2 brooklyn new york

As you can see, Bomin and Kenny simply used the props that were naturally available like the skyline.It is breathtaking to see them on the bridge with New York as a backdrop. They have pictures that can cherish forever and they simply walked around as the photographer captured them. It is so simple and natural. It works. Don't diminish the importance of your engagement pictures because they can turn out to be the best pictures of the two of you that you have. On the wedding day, you will be all dressed up. In these pictures, you can dress how you want and take them where you want. Have fun and be a model. Enjoy the person you plan to marry and capture this joy in photos by having an engagement session.


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