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Blush Wedding Color Ideas

Blush Wedding Color Ideas

Blush Wedding Color Ideas.

We know that since you were little you were told that brides wear white. When you dreamed od your wedding day, you pictured yourself in a beautiful flowing white wedding gown. Well, this is 2012 and things are different. It is perfectly acceptable for a bride to wear something other than a gown and even a dress with color. We have an example that shows just how beautiful it can be.

via Perez Photography

The dress is absolutely amazing.The gathered layers of chiffon are mesmerizing. A white dress would not look as stunning with this design. The sandals with the rose would  complement it perfectly.

via A simple photograph

If you are going there, you might as well go there all of the way. The bouquet is magnificent. It has the perfect blend of blush and white flowers.

via Calie Rose

Last but not least, the cake is wonderful.

via Martha Stewart Weddings

So you see, you can have a great wedding from top to bottom and not have anything white. If you were thinking of deviating from tradition, these are some great ideas to consider.

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