Bloomin Wedding Invitations - Eco Friendly

Bloomin Wedding Invitations.

Wedding invitations are a beautiful memento for your special day, but if you want something a little more eco-friendly, Bloomin Wedding has a perfect solution “ plant the invitations and watch gorgeous flowers bloom up in just a few weeks. Wedding invites come in a variety of color palettes and styles, so there is something for everyone. These chic invitations are all handcrafted from 100 percent recycled paper, infused with beautiful wildflower seeds.

Special blends of perennial and annual wildflowers are found in the paper of each invitation, so they grow in climates anywhere you send them. Lemon Mint, Forget-Me-Nots and Sweet Alyssum are just a few varieties to look forward to after you plant. When your guests receive an invite, they simply follow the provided planting instructions and in a few weeks, they have a beautiful bouquet to remember your special day.


Bloomin Wedding is a beautiful, Earth-friendly option for any bride and the guests who receive the invitations!

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