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Black Winter Modern Missouri Real Wedding

Sit back and reminisce of your wedding day and think of all of the things you wished you had done. You consider how you may had a different theme, used a different vendor and simply just planned it differently. Well, Hunter and Jessica had those same thoughts but they did something about it. They planned another wedding. Only this time, they did their way without the influence of others.They reside in Missouri and wanted their wedding to be reflective of their surroundings as well as who they were. They wanted their wedding to be small, intimate yet modern. It all started with the invitations and since Jennifer is an art teacher she was able to design them. This was not the only personal touch. Her dress was designed and made by one of her friends. Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-14   Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-5  Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-15  Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-16

The cake was amazing. It was white which is classic but it had six tiers. The decorator placed a black bow on it to coordinate with the color of the bride's gown.  Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-13 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-17 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-12 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-18 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-2 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-19 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-3 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-20 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-6

The venue was also unique. They didn't choose a church, park or even a ballroom. They selected an old building loft in downtown Kansas that they felt had a lot of character. It was decorated with old furniture and other pieces from home to give a very intimate feeling. Where they renewed their vows, there was a black branch over them with white flowers hanging from it.

Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-7 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-21 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-10 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-22

The bride wore a beautiful black strapless gown that was accented with necklaces and bracelets. The groom looked very relaxed with his dress shirt and vest.

Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-24 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-9 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-23

They also decorated the building using chalkboards, mason jars and even an old typewriter. It was definitely unique selections for a wedding. Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-11 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-27 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-8 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-4 Black-Modern-Missouri-Styled-Wedding-Shoot-26

So you have had those thoughts of your wedding and considered how you would have done things differently, then go ahead and do it again. Why not? Have another wedding only this time you call all of the shots. It would be a great way to celebrate a milestone in your relationship such as a special anniversary or just because. Don't just dream. Make your dream a reality have a "redo" of your wedding. This time you can totally be in charge.

Floral Designer:
Cake Designer:
Makeup Artist:
 Cara Porter Makeup
Hair Stylist:
 Love your bobby pins
Dress Designer:
 Alea Bebenek

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