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Black Sash on Wedding Dress Ideas

Black Sash on Wedding Dress Ideas. Here comes the bride all dressed in white. We have heard the familiar song. However, the newest trend is for brides to wear sashes that match the decor of their bridal party. It does not take away from the dress but adds a new fashion element.

black sash wedding dress

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black sash wedding dress

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Look at the example as the bride lying down on the couch. She has a beautiful straight strapless gown with chiffon on the bottom. The dress by itself is amazing but the black heels and black sash definitely take it over the top.

black sash wedding dress

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Next let's consider the bride who is seated with her bridal party. As you can see, her bridesmaids are wearing short black evening dresses. The bride has the strapless gown with the black sash and black and white hair accessory. They look so good because they are color coordinated.

black sash wedding dress

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black sash wedding dress

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In 2012, the bride is still dressing in white but she has decided that it's acceptable to add some color. Brides are creativity adding sashes so as not to take away from the beauty of their gowns. Black is the perfect color because this color is always considered sophisticated and elegant. Be trendy and wear a black sash with your gown. It will take your ensemble to another level.

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