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Black and White Wedding Cake Ideas

Black and White Wedding Cake Ideas

Black and White Wedding Cake Ideas.

Your wedding colors will be black and white. Many times when brides select these colors they stick to a more traditional three tier wedding cake. We suggest that you carry the theme to the cake and get one that is black and white also. If you are unsure how this may look, we have a few examples to show to share. You can have two tiers, three tiers, four tiers, circular or another geometric shape. You could have flowers or not. It is entirely up to you. The only constant is that it will be black and white. First, let's look at the cake that is three tiers and have the flowers at the top on the side. You could select the floral color to match your bridal party if you must have some color. It is very elegant and resembles a top hat.

Nest, look at the two tier example. It is very simple but looks breathtaking because they even decorate the cake plate. It is just lovely.

Your wedding cake is not just a dessert at your big day. It should make a statement and should reflect either your color scheme or theme. Today, pastry chefs can create works of art that look too good to eat. You want every aspect of your nuptials to be special. Don't just select a cake. Choose a cake that represents you. Choose a cake that fits your theme. Get inspired and challenge your pastry chef to create a masterpiece. Black and white are not boring any more.

Cakes by: Sweet & Saucy Shop

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