Bedell Cellars Cutchogue New York Real Wedding

It is so wonderful when you select a venue where you can have both the ceremony and the reception at the same place. It allows your guests more time to relax, it gives you more time to take pictures and it takes away some of the overwhelmed feeling that accompanies a wedding day. But the most ideal thing is to be able to have the ceremony outdoors and the reception indoors. When Krista and Paul tied the knot in Cutchogue,  New York at the Bedell Cellars they were able to do just that. The Bedell Cellars is a 30 year old winery and has been owned since 2000 by the Michael Lynne, who the Executive Producer on the Lord of the RIngs trilogy. Besides the incredible grounds, the facility boasts a barn that was originally built in 1919. white and gray wedding program cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-4 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-5 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-6 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-7 custom cufflink first wedding day look cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-9

Krista was simply stunning in her strapless dress. It was so ornate with the jeweled belt. She had her hair in a bun and the veil on top. She had the perfect jewelry. She did not wear a necklace but simply drop earrings. It really made her dress stand out. Her groom, Paul, wore a gray suit with a cream tie. It was the perfect complement for the color scheme in the boutonnieres  as well as the bouquets.

cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-10 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-11 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-12 wedding couple by rustic truck vintage blue wedding umbrellas cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-17

The groomsmen were dressed similar to Paul and the bridesmaids wore short strapless black dresses.

cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-18 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-19 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-20 white and blue flower girl dress cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-22 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-31 cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-2

One of the best parts of getting married at a venue like a vineyard is that there are so many things that you can incorporate into your wedding that are already there. There are the wines, of course, the wine barrels, the corks and last but not least is the incredible vineyard. Paul and Krista did a good job of using these in various parts of their day.

custom wine barrel seating chart hooray white and gray wedding straws cutchogue-new-york-real-weddings-blog-feature-29

But the cake was another thing. It was incredible. It was a multiple tiered cake with flowers that matched the bouquets. It was unusual because it was covered in flowers. Normally, a cake will have flowers along the edges. It was so amazing.

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When most people consider having an outdoor wedding, the beach or a park immediately come to mind. Well, consider having your wedding at a venue that allows you to have the wedding and the reception at the same place. It will make your day run a lot smoother and eliminate some of the anxiety that accompanies a wedding. But make sure that you incorporate the intrinsic nature of the venue into your plans. It will definitely take your wedding over the top. But more than anything relax and have fun.

Photographer:  Roberto Falck Photography//Reception Venue: Bedell//Reception Venue: Bedell Cellars//