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Beautiful Ways to Show off Wedding Shoes

Beautiful Ways to Show off Wedding Shoes

For many brides, their gorgeous shoes are as much of a statement as the accessories or even the dress  but they are often hidden under an amazing gown for most of the day. Photographing them in a beautiful way keeps the memory fresh for years to come and allows you to show them off in a stunning way! Contrast your breathtaking shoes with a place within the bridal suite the hardware from a magnificent door is often an amazing location to capture the beauty.

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A reflective surface creates an elegant backdrop for your shoes. Look how stunning these heels look on a glossy finish!

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Lifting your dress to reveal breathtaking shoes is a fabulous way to display them during a photography setting. Colored shoes stand out beautifully with outdoor elements – the eye is automatically drawn to the shoes.

via Nirvana Photo Studio

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Place the matching set of rings over the heel of the stilettos the rings and shoe will be wonderfully photographed.

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