Beautiful Rustic Asheville North Carolina Wedding

A wedding is a happy joyful occasion. But depending on where it takes place and the various details, it can be even more amazing. When Katie and Nate tied the knot in Asheville, North Carolina, their color selections were  bright and vibrant. They also had a baby chick for a theme throughout. It was so original. The combination really made their nuptials fun to look at and we are sure fun to attend. Let's first look at the venue. The wedding took place at the Crest Center and Pavilion. It is a magnificent retreat ticked away in the mountains of Asheville. It also has a wonderful history. It began as a vision for bible training school then became a training school for missionaries. In 2003, it was sold and the current Crest Center and Pavilion was established. However, there are several campus buildings that have been restored to preserve the history of this property. What a wonderful place to have a wedding with the beautiful and view and history. But the wedding that Katie and Nate planned was so unique. It really fit the location that they selected. rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-45 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-51 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-21rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-53 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-22 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-23 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-20 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-24 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-25 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-26 north-carolina-trendy-bride-wedding-blog-feature rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-28 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-29

The bride was so beautiful. She wore a stunning strapless gown. She did not have a necklace but simply had drop earrings. However, the color started with her shoes. They weren't white but bright red.Nate was not to be left out. He wore a black suit but his bow tie was red.

rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-30 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-31 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-32 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-33 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-34 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-35

The bridesmaids were so bright and festive. They had short sun dresses with yellow flowers. They also wore yellow shoes. The theme continued to the reception.


His groomsmen also wore black suits and they wore red ties. Their boutonnieres had the backing of a tree bark and were designed in the shape of chicks. The decorations had colors of yellow and red.


The centerpieces were wonderful yellow flowers. It contrasted well with the white tablecloths. They also had mason jars hanging from the ceiling.

rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-52 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-42 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-48 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-43 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-47 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-49 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-46

There was a cupcake table. Each cupcake had a little chick on a stick as a topper. The cupcakes were designed around a piece of bark that had the happy couple's initials as well as the date of wedding etched out. It was a very nice touch and fit perfectly with the theme. But of course the main dessert is always the wedding cake and it was definitely unique.

rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-40 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-38

Nate and Katie did not have the normal three tier wedding cake. It was shaped like a barrel with multiple layers designed to resemble a tree trunk. The topper was his and hers birdies. It was so cute and different.

rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-39 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-41 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-44 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-5 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-2 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-4 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-3 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-6 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-50 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-7 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-9 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-8 north-carolina-trendy-bride-wedding-blog-feature-4 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-12 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-11 north-carolina-trendy-bride-wedding-blog-feature-3 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-14 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-15 north-carolina-trendy-bride-wedding-blog-feature-1 rustic-asheville-nc-weddings-by-sunday-grant-photography-17 north carolina weddings

As you can see, the venue and time of year can definitely influenced your choices for your wedding but it should. Use the venue. Use the time of year. It will make your wedding planning easier and more fun. Kate and Nate did a great job of making their nuptials fun and absolutely unique. They had a wonderful day in the mountains. If want a wedding that is a day to remember, make sure that all of the details are cohesive and make sense. Happy planning.

Photographer:  Sunday Grant Photography//Cake Designer: Cakes by Jane, LLC//Floral Designer: Studio Flora Diva, Inc.//Event Venue: The Crest Center and Pavilion//Event Planner: Verge Events //