Beautiful Chair Cover Options

The reception is a great time to really show your taste or personality as a couple – and one way to dress up the decor or table settings is by using elegant chair covers.

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There are so many options when it comes to chair covers – a colorful sash wrapped around the back of a chair is perfect if you want to bring color or texture into a reception, and it fits any budget.

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Chair covers can be as ornate or simple as you want – you could use colors that complement or contrast against the rest of the decor. Use a vibrant color fabric for the chair cover – such as fuchsia chair covers with navy blue tablecovers.

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White cloth chairs are elegant by themselves, but you can dress them up for a winter wedding by tying red ribbon and a spring of pine or holly – or use beach inspired colors and seashells to complement a summertime wedding.

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Sheer fabric is beautiful when you want to enhance the look of the reception without making the chair covers a focal point. Look at textured or accented fabrics in beautiful cream or champagne colors to complement indoor and outdoor weddings.

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