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Beautiful Candle Arrangements For Wedding Reception

The soft glow and flickering light from candles creates a beautiful and romantic ambiance for a wedding reception, and there are many ways to create stunning arrangements on tables so everything looks fabulous. Candles come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances – so there is really something for every style of wedding. Floating candles are simply beautiful and look even better when there are fresh flower blossoms used in the vases. This allows you to use the look of flowers in the centerpieces without going over the floral budget.

via Chic Wedding Candles

Surrounding a small vase or bowl of flowers with votive and tea light candles adds so much romance to the space.  Candlelight looks stunning bouncing off glass and silverware and really warms up any reception – literally and figuratively.

via Wedding Bee

Placing candles of various sizes in a single arrangement creates an eye-catching piece. The base may contain anything from flower petals to sand in order to go with the theme of the wedding. Slices of wood looks elegant, but appropriate for a rustic or seasonal wedding.

via W Wedding Flowers 

via I do for Less

There are plenty of ways to use candles in any reception – use fragranced candles to sweeten the air or just use the beautiful light to illuminate the space.

via Elizabeth Anne Designs

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