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Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle Ideas

Beautiful Bridal Hairstyle. Because hairstyles for today's brides are truly limitless, here are a few more unique and attractive ideas for the mane event. This bride's blonde hair is loosely curled down the sides and back. The curly tendrils are pinned up in the back with added volume at the crown. She beautifies the style with a beaded floral headband.

wedding hair

via Justin DeMutiis Photography

Classic with a touch of mod, this French twist updo is exquisite. The hair at the forehead is swept back and is seamlessly styled with a load of volume at the crown. This is such a statement style that no additional accessories are necessary, except for the perfect cat-eye.

wedding updo

via Mackensey Alexander Photography

For a clean style completely off the neck, this updo is perfect with or without a veil. With a bump at the crown, the hair is swept, gathered, and tucked at the back. A small silver beaded hair comb adds a touch of sparkle.

bridal hair

via Tina Jay Photography

Side bangs can also help shape the style. This bride's bangs are swept to the side to frame her face. With additional volume on top, her hair is curled and lusciously pin-tucked in an updo at the nape of the neck.

wedding hair

via Brumley And Wells

Braids look beautiful on brides and can be an edgy and youthful look. This style features the hair at the front curled and swept back. The longer hair is braided to the side and tied with a unique elastic.

braided updo

via Caroline Frost Photography

Also incorporating a braid is this high-fashion style. The unique braided design runs down the side and is gathered low in the back. Small wispy pieces of hair are curled and left undone for a romantic look.

braid updo

via Carolly Fine Art Photography

If veils just aren't your style, this updo with a beaded hairpiece is a great idea. The bride's hair has added volume and her bangs are swept behind and pinned to the side. The longer front pieces are crisscrossed in the back. The bride's longer hair is tucked in a perfect chignon. A large floral-inspired hairpiece makes a statement on the beautiful style.

wedding hair

via Lisa Rigby Photography

Let your gown, your personality, and your own individual flair inspire your hairstyle. With a mix of practicality and functionality, you should strive to look like the best version of yourself, for the best day of your life.

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