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Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach Wedding Cakes

Beach Wedding Cakes.

Beach weddings typically consist of light colors, breezy fabrics and plentiful homages to sea life. Even the most modest of beach weddings deserves appropriately styled beach wedding cakes. Mixing the traditional dessert with a taste of the tide is an adorable escape from the norm. Oysters are typically eaten in a variety of ways but the shell itself can make a gorgeous cake embellishment. Three cleanly frosted white tiers are each decorated with a gilded oyster shell. The bottom layer has a small pink anemone with a touch of fondant seaweed, while the cake is topped with a collection of shells to tie the look together.

via Ruth Eileen

To complement the blue water, incorporate a pink cake into the event. This pink ombre style cake has ruffled layers of fondant on two small tiers. A large white fondant flower sits on the side and the top layer is wrapped with a band of pink pearls and decorated with a pair of white kissing seahorses. The clear cake stand and golden tablecloth are divine.

via Sara & Rocky Photography

Because of their seemingly neutral colors, seashells can be incorporated in a variety of ways and still look elegant. This four-tier buttercream creation has crisp layers with tiny pearl dots and pearl bands of frosting. The stylist generously adorns the cake with numerous white seashells in all shapes and sizes around the base layer, the side, and the top for a classy white display.

via Zev Fisher

This cake certainly takes you under the sea with its bright colors and fun additions. With an extra tall base, the bottom tier has rippled fondant in shades of teal and is topped with pink seashells. The smaller top layer has a fun coral-colored swaying seaweed detail with an additional seashell and white pearl dots. It’s a fun but fabulous take on a beachside dessert.

via Cinzia Bruschini

For a subtle, understated beach expression, this four-tier white cake is ideal. The layers are casually frosted with buttercream and tiny collections of pale blue seashells and starfish are placed on the sides and top for a quaint coastal reminder.

via Erin Hearts Court

Beach weddings are romantic, laid-back and natural. The cake can be over-the-top in a different way. Keep the sea in mind when dreaming of the sweeter side of your day.

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